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Versatile Merchandise Designs



Art Direction

Brand Identity

Concept Development

Content Creation

Purpose: The purpose was to create T-shirt designs to be sold in the Versatile store.

Target Audience: The target audience consisted of all fans of the Versatile brand.

Messaging: The T-shirt designs aimed to convey simple statements that aligned with the identity and values of Versatile customers. The messaging intended to resonate with individuals who appreciated the rugged and hardworking nature of the brand.

Creative: The creative approach reflected the rough and ready nature of the Versatile brand. The T-shirt designs incorporated a distressed and worn-out look, representing the brand's association with hard work. The artwork on the T-shirts aligned with this aesthetic, capturing the essence of the brand's identity.

Call-to-Action (CTA): The primary call-to-action for the T-shirt designs was to encourage customers to make a purchase. While no specific call-to-action was mentioned, the underlying message was to "buy one for yourself," prompting customers to consider purchasing a T-shirt for themselves as a way to support and represent the Versatile brand.

Tracking and Measurement: The tracking and measurement of the campaign's success relied on tracking sales from the Versatile store. By monitoring the number of T-shirts sold, the campaign's effectiveness could be evaluated. This data provided insights into customer engagement and the overall popularity of the T-shirt designs among fans of the Versatile brand.

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