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Health Science Centre Proposal



Art Direction

Concept Development

Brand Identity

Content Creation

Purpose: The purpose of the proposal was to create a physical display at the Health Science Centre to express gratitude to donors for their support.

Target Audience: The target audience included all visitors to the Health Science Centre.

Messaging: The display aimed to appreciate and acknowledge donors' contributions while informing visitors a and sharing feel-good stories of accomplishments. The messaging intended to create a sense of pride and inspiration among visitors.

Creative: The proposed concept was a freestanding wall with cascading water, designed to provide a relaxing atmosphere. The wall was intended to be versatile, allowing for the display of changing stories over time. To keep costs low, the stories were printed on vinyl. Additionally, revolving LED lights at the bottom of the wall represented the branding of the Health Science Centre.

Call-to-Action (CTA): The project did not include a specific call-to-action, apart from aiming to inspire and potentially attract more donors to support the centre. The focus was primarily on expressing gratitude rather than soliciting immediate action.


Tracking and Measurement: The proposal did not outline specific tracking mechanisms, aside from being open to inquiries related to the display. While no formal tracking was mentioned, the display's impact could still be evaluated through qualitative feedback, visitor reactions, and potential increases in donor engagement or contributions.

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