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HandyScrub Retail Packaging



Art Direction

Concept Development

Packaging Design & Development

Brand Identity

Content Creation


Purpose: The purpose was to develop retail packaging for the HandyScrub, a unique cleaning tool from Atlas Graham.

Target Audience: The target audience consisted of customers of DIY and home improvement stores.

Messaging: The messaging emphasized the usefulness and versatility of the handheld cleaning scrub.

Creative: The HandyScrub, a non-scratch cleaning pad with embedded anti-bacterial properties, was initially sold for industrial use and packaged in plastic wrap with a simple label. To introduce it to the retail market, Atlas Graham wanted to develop packaging that aligned with retail standards. The packaging design underwent several iterations, with a focus on cost-effectiveness. The final design resembled the packaging commonly seen on retail shelves at that time. The packaging included two languages on the front and back for legal reasons. Additionally, sell sheets were created to support the sales team in approaching retail stores.

Call-to-Action (CTA): N/A

Tracking and Measurement: Tracking and measurement would have been done through sales and orders of the HandyScrub in retail.

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