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Banners & Social Media



Art Direction

Concept Development

Team Management

Event Management

Brand Identity

Content Creation

Email Marketing

Customer Relationship Manager Development (HubSpot)

Media Buying & Placement (PPC)


Analytics and Tracking

Purpose: The purpose was to create various social media ads and banners for different campaigns aimed at driving traffic to the dealership's website and generating sales to clear out inventory.

Target Audience: The target audience included both targeted and non-targeted social media users across different locations and demographics.

Messaging: The messaging focused on different sales and promotions to incentivize customers to visit the dealership's website and take advantage of the offers.

Creative: The creative elements varied across the banners and ads but maintained a clean and visually appealing design. Each creative piece included a clear call-to-action (CTA) to prompt users to take the desired action. Additionally, an ongoing development called "Pure Farming" was mentioned, which involved coordinating with the engineering team to develop CAD models before providing them to the game publisher.

Call-to-Action (CTA): The banners and ads directed users to a digital landing page where they could find more information and sign up through forms to receive offers. Email automation was then employed to deliver the offers and engage potential customers further.


Tracking and Measurement: The effectiveness of the campaigns was tracked using unique URLs which were monitored through Hubspot, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. These tracking methods provided valuable insights into the performance of the campaigns, including website visits, form submissions, and conversion rates.

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