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Sell Sheet Development



Art Direction

Concept Development

Team Management

Brand Identity

Content Creation


Purpose: The purpose was to create marketing material that supported the sales team.

Target Audience: The target audience consisted of new customers in various industries, such as schools, offices, and healthcare.

Messaging: The marketing material provided a concise and compelling overview of the availability of new products.

Creative: The sell sheets were designed to showcase the key features, benefits, and unique selling points of the offering in a visually appealing and informative manner. The goal was to capture the interest of potential customers, convey the value of the products, and encourage them to make a purchase or initiate further discussions. The product photography was conducted in a studio and further enhanced using Photoshop. The layout of the marketing material was created using InDesign.

Call-to-Action (CTA): The call-to-action prompted potential customers to either contact the sales representative directly or visit the website for more information.

Tracking and Measurement: N/A

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