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Purasolutions Retail Packaging



Art Direction

Concept Development

Packaging Design & Development

Team Management

Brand Identity

Content Creation

Media Buying & Placement (Print)


Purpose: The purpose was to repackage existing products for retail.

Target Audience: The target audience consisted of customers who shopped in large retail stores.

Messaging: The intention was to extend the existing brand, Purasolutions, from healthcare to retail, leveraging its brand equity.

Creative: The project involved the development of new products, specifically a range of microfibre cloths designed for various areas of the household. The project identified specific areas such as windows, kitchen, bathroom, and starter. Each packet was uniquely designed with colour schemes and imagery to differentiate and indicate the intended use within the household. Additionally, customized copy was created for each packet and translated into French. A sell-sheet was also created to support the sales team in promoting and getting the product into retail stores.

Call-to-Action (CTA): N/A

Tracking and Measurement: Tracking and measurement focused on monitoring sales and orders of repackaged products in retail.

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