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Versatile Brand
Re-Engage Project



Art Direction

Concept Development

Brand Identity

Content Creation

Email Marketing (Drip Campaign)

Customer Relationship Manager Development (HubSpot)

Media Buying & Placement (PPC & Print)


Analytics and Tracking

Purpose: The purpose of the campaign was to re-engage older Versatile customers.

Target Audience: The target audience consisted of Canadian farmers located in and around the Versatile dealership network.

Messaging: The campaign leveraged the existing value proposition of the Versatile brand to resonate with older farmers. The messaging focused on highlighting what they had loved about the brand, emphasizing its strengths and unique features that had made it appealing to them in the past.

Creative: The creative approach involved the development of visuals that combined older Versatile equipment, which the target audience was familiar with, alongside newer equipment. This approach aimed to engage older farmers by bridging the familiarity of older equipment with the advancements and benefits offered by the newer models.

Call-to-Action (CTA): The campaign utilized print ads in farm journals, and these ads included a specific call-to-action. The CTA prompted readers to visit a digital landing page. On this landing page, users were presented with a form where they could sign up for more information. The purpose of this sign-up was to capture leads and enable further engagement. Email automation was subsequently employed to qualify leads, gradually preparing them for an appointment at a Versatile dealership for a demonstration.

Tracking and Measurement: The campaign used several tools to monitor its effectiveness. It utilized a unique URL and QR code, both of which were tracked in Hubspot. Additionally, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager were employed to gather data and insights on user behaviour and campaign performance. These tracking tools facilitated data-driven decision-making and enabled optimization strategies.

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