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Retail Push Broom Packaging



Art Direction

Concept Development

Packaging Design & Development

Brand Identity

Content Creation

Media Buying


Purpose: The purpose was to develop packaging and labels for push brooms to be sold in retail stores.

Target Audience: The target audience consisted of customers who visited hardware stores seeking heavy-duty push brooms for use in workshops or gardens.

Messaging: Each packaging sleeve included a description of the typical use for each broom, helping customers understand the suitability of the product for their specific needs.

Creative: Atlas Graham, primarily a manufacturer selling to distributors, ventured into the retail market and required packaging development. Two price points were considered: assembled professional brooms and clipped brooms. Each variant had its own unique die-line and distinct styling. The packaging incorporated imagery to indicate the intended surface or application for each broom, such as smooth, rough, multi-surface, or heavy-duty.

Call-to-Action (CTA): N/A

Tracking and Measurement: Sales and orders served as the primary metrics for tracking and measuring the success of the packaging and label designs. Monitoring the sales performance and order volumes provided insights into the effectiveness of the packaging in attracting customers and driving purchase decisions.

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