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Channel 4 Portal Proposal



Art Direction

Concept Development

Brand Identity

Content Creation

Purpose: The purpose was to propose the development of a portal for Channel 4, a UK-based TV channel.

Target Audience: The target audience consisted of individuals aged 16 to 30 who sought cutting-edge documentaries and coverage of events not typically shown on other channels.

Messaging: Channel 4 already possessed an established brand and tone, which was maintained in the proposed portal.

Creative: Channel 4 set itself apart from other TV channels by airing programming that was often unconventional. They desired the portal's design to reflect this rebellious nature, showcasing a cutting-edge and non-conforming aesthetic distinct from other TV channel portals at the time.

Call-to-Action (CTA): N/A

Tracking and Measurement: As this project predates the launch of Google Analytics, there was not a specific tracking and measurement system in place.

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