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Trade Show Development



Art Direction

Concept Development

Event Management

Brand Identity

Content Creation

Media Buying & Placement


Purpose: The purpose was to participate in a tradeshow in Toronto that Atlas Graham had not previously been a part of.

Target Audience: The target audience was tradeshow visitors and potential buyers.

Messaging: The messaging revolved around the tagline "Fighting grime since 1941."

Creative: Atlas Graham, a manufacturer of handheld cleaning tools, made their debut at an industrial tradeshow in Toronto. The main tagline, "Fighting grime since 1941," was prominently displayed, accompanied by the classic Batman signal incorporating the Atlas Graham logo. Eye-catching artwork was developed for backdrops, and a showcase video was produced to captivate attendees. Great attention was given to selecting a reliable printer and conducting thorough quality checks to ensure high-quality printing.

Call-to-Action (CTA): The call-to-action urged attendees to engage with Atlas Graham staff for further information and inquiries.

Tracking and Measurement: Success was measured by tracking booth visits and collecting contact details for potential leads and future follow-ups.

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