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Art Direction

Concept Development

Brand Identity

Team Management

Project Management

Content Creation

Content Strategy

A/B testing

Email Marketing (Drip Campaign)

Customer Relationship Manager Development (HubSpot)

Media Buying & Placement (PPC & Print)


Analytics and Tracking

Purpose: The purpose was to expand the customer base further into the U.S. market for Versatile.

Target Audience: The target audience comprised new customers located in and around existing and upcoming Versatile dealerships in the U.S.


Messaging: The messaging strategy focused on introducing the Versatile brand and its history to the U.S. market. It aimed to create awareness and establish a positive perception of the brand among potential customers.

Creative: Given the tough competition in the U.S. market from brands like John Deere and Case IH, the creative approach emphasized the unique qualities of the Versatile brand. It portrayed Versatile as the reliable workhorse on the farm-simple, tough, and capable of getting the job done efficiently. The creative elements also aimed to showcase the brand's longevity and experience, highlighting that Versatile had been a trusted choice for a long time.

Call-to-Action (CTA): A targeted mailer was sent to specific individuals using paid data. The CTA within the mailer directed recipients to a digital landing page. On this landing page, users were presented with a form to sign up for more information. The CTA encouraged users to provide their details, initiating a process of email automation to qualify the leads. Eventually, the leads were prepared for an appointment at a Versatile dealership for a product demonstration.

Tracking and Measurement: The campaign employed a unique URL and QR code to track engagement and performance. These tracking mechanisms were integrated into Hubspot, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager, enabling the monitoring of user behaviour, campaign effectiveness, and lead generation.

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