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Laureus Sports Awards Promotional Website



Concept Development

Brand Identity

Content Creation


Purpose: The purpose was to create a promotional website for the Laureus Sports Awards.

Target Audience: The target audience included sports fans and professionals of all ages.

Messaging: The Laureus World Sports Awards is an annual event that recognizes outstanding sporting achievements by individuals and teams. The website aimed to introduce the Laureus Sports Awards ahead of their inaugural event in 2000.

Creative: The website served as a placeholder before the first event and aimed to make a strong impact. It was built using Flash and featured a 40-second animation at the beginning. The animation showcased various sporting-related imagery, measurements, times, and graphical elements. After the animated introduction, the website transitioned to the main site, which included sections providing information about the awards, sponsors, programs, and charity work. Each page incorporated a large image representing a sport and was designed with a unique colour palette. To optimize loading times due to bandwidth constraints, the imagery was stylized to reduce file sizes while maintaining the essence of the visuals.

Call-to-Action (CTA): N/A

Tracking and Measurement: This was a time before the existence of Google Analytics, so there were no specific tracking and measurement tools in place.

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