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Hot Iron Dealership Event



Art Direction

Concept Development

Brand Identity

Event Management

Team Management

Content Creation

Customer Relationship Manager Development (HubSpot)


Purpose: The purpose was to promote a Versatile dealership event.

Target Audience: The target audience comprised both new and existing customers located around the Cove Equipment dealership in Iowa.

Messaging: The messaging strategy leveraged the existing value proposition of the Versatile brand, emphasizing its qualities of durability, reliability, and ease of service. The goal was to reinforce the reputation of Versatile tractors as being robust, dependable, and straightforward to maintain.

Creative: Versatile organized events at dealerships a few times a year, branded as the "Hot Iron Event," to promote the brand. The creative elements of the promotion aimed to visually represent the durability, reliability, and ease of service associated with the Versatile brand. The creative materials and messaging intended to differentiate Versatile from competitors such as John Deere and Case IH.

Call-to-Action (CTA): The promotional campaign utilized local print ads in the dealership area, along with targeted digital ads within the dealership network. The audience was encouraged to call a designated number for manual input with customer services or click on a digital ad that directed them to a registration page. Upon registration, an automation sequence was initiated, which included confirmation emails, additional information explaining what to expect, and a reminder closer to the event.


Tracking and Measurement: The campaign employed various tracking and measurement tools to evaluate its effectiveness. These included a unique URL for tracking specific campaign traffic, as well as the integration of Hubspot, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager to gather data and insights on user behaviour and campaign performance. These tracking mechanisms enabled monitoring, analysis, and optimization of the campaign based on the gathered data.

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