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Grain Runner Logo Development



Art Direction

Concept Development

Brand Identity

Content Creation


Purpose: The purpose was to create a logo for the new auger equipment developed by Farm King.

Target Audience: The target audience comprised farmers who were seeking augers that utilized a conveyor belt system.

Messaging: N/A

Creative: The logo design needed to represent the new auger product that featured a conveyor belt system. It should visually communicate this key feature to the audience. The logo was designed to be a single colour, specifically white, in order to minimize the cost of producing decals.

Call-to-Action (CTA): N/A

Tracking and Measurement: The success of the logo could be evaluated through customer feedback and the number of units sold. Customer feedback could provide insights into the logo's impact and effectiveness while tracking sales could indicate the level of customer acceptance and interest in the new auger equipment featuring the conveyor belt system.

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