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Art Direction

Brand Identity

Team Management

Content Creation

Media Buying & Placement (Print)


Purpose: The purpose was to create brand awareness and provide information about the Versatile brand.

Target Audience: The target audience comprised the older farming audience that read farming journals.

Messaging: The messaging strategy revolved around the existing value proposition of the Versatile brand, highlighting its simplicity and ease of maintenance, which ultimately led to cost-effectiveness for farmers.

Creative: Advertorials, written by a copywriter and subsequently edited, were used to convey the message. The layout of the advertorials was developed in a gritty workhorse style, aligning with the new Versatile branding. The double-page spreads provided ample space to showcase the brand and its offerings effectively.


Call-to-Action (CTA): Only CTA was to visit the Versatile website -


Tracking and Measurement: N/A

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