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Focused and experienced creative with a proven track record of successfully leading marketing projects. Adept in overseeing all aspects of a project and offering solutions when needed. Bringing strong leadership skills, and the creativity necessary to effectively translate ideas and concepts across all organizational levels and all mediums.


  • Led the development of a social media campaigns, which increased followers on company social profiles from 2000 to 20,000 over three years.

  • Redesigned three corporate websites to put a modern spin on the design and greater accessibility.

  • Created a strong brand design scheme for the company, which unified aesthetics across all platforms.

  • Coordinated a team of six marketing professionals, ensuring that all members understood the broad vision of the project while executing their roles.

  • Delegated responsibilities to team members while clearly communicating what is expected of them to maintain synergy throughout the project.

  • Presented marketing pitches to senior partners at the company as well as external vendors.

  • Developed campaigns spanning 12 months combining both digital and traditional marketing collateral.

  • Cultivated a strong brand identity with corporate social media accounts, interacting with fans and responding to trending stories while maintaining a consistent voice.

  • Designed and maintained a small business website on a customized WordPress theme, and updated the blog regularly with creative marketing content.

  • Identified trends in visitors to the company site and tailored marketing campaigns to focus on demographics that showed interest.

  • Created analytics reports highlighting the most important information from marketing research to present to peers.

  • Optimized corporate site to increase time-on-page by analyzing data reports on page performances.

  • Utilized engaging video ads on Facebook to encourage scroll-breaking and engage users. Linked videos to landing pages to generate live leads.

  • Helped script and supervise filming on digital video shorts used as video advertising on YouTube.

  • Utilized native advertising with dealerships by incorporating the use of products into video posts on the dealerships’ social media platforms.

  • Worked with a team of marketing professionals to create print advertising campaigns, which highlighted products in dynamic settings.

  • Presented marketing pitches to peers and received feedback. Provided explanations for decisions when required and incorporated requested changes.

  • Maintained positive morale on the marketing team by forging personal bonds with staff and identifying signs of impending burnout or ongoing frustration to avoid errors before they occur.

  • Operated all of the company’s social media campaigns, utilizing the platforms to raise brand awareness and gather leads.

  • Created written copy for company websites including SEO-focused pieces, and feature stories on products to earn organic shares.

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