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Picture of Liam Roberts


I am a focused and experienced creative professional with a proven track record of successfully leading marketing projects. I am adept at overseeing all aspects of a project and offering solutions when needed. My leadership skills and creativity enable me to effectively translate ideas and concepts across all organizational levels and mediums.


  • Led the development of social media campaigns, resulting in a significant increase in followers on company social profiles from 2000 to 20,000 over three years.

  • Redesigned three corporate websites, infusing a modern touch into the design and enhancing accessibility.

  • Created a cohesive brand design schemes, harmonizing aesthetics across all platforms.

  • Cultivated a strong brand identity through corporate social media accounts, engaging with followers, enhancing brand awareness and generating leads.

  • Coordinated a team of six marketing professionals, ensuring a shared understanding of the project’s overarching vision while executing individual roles.

  • Delegated responsibilities to team members, effectively communicating expectations to maintain synergy throughout the project.

  • Utilized engaging video ads on social media, driving user engagement and generating live leads by linking videos to landing pages.

  • Identified visitor trends on the company site and tailored marketing campaigns to target interested demographics.

  • Created analytics reports highlighting key insights from marketing research for presentation to peers.

  • Developed comprehensive campaigns spanning 12 months, leveraging both digital and traditional marketing collateral.

  • Presented marketing pitches to senior partners and external vendors, showcasing strategic initiatives.

  • Assisted in scripting and overseeing the production of digital video shorts for YouTube video advertising.

  • Crafted written copy for company websites, including SEO-focused content and feature stories on products to drive organic sharing.

  • Fostered positive morale within the marketing team, building personal connections with staff and proactively identifying signs of burnout or frustration to prevent errors.

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